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We Sell Businesses

With over three decades experience, having sold thousands of businesses from service sector companies to manufacturers and retailers, Turner Butler is the UK’s premier business broker, many levels above “the pack”. Put simply, if you’re selling your business you need not worry about selecting a business broker, as Turner Butler is your best possible choice for achieving optimal pricing, quickly, with the least hassle and in complete confidence. 


Selling your business – the pinnacle of your success story

You’ve spent years nurturing your business, devoting substantial time and effort to building a loyal client base and gaining an impeccable reputation. You handpicked and cultivated an outstanding team of employees, for whom you care deeply. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to sell your business and, naturally, you want to be compensated fairly for all you have done, while making sure that the business and staff are minimally impacted. On the flip side, you want your eventual buyer to have a similar mindset and to be committed to the business and its growth, just as you have been.


This thinking is at the heart of all we that do at Turner Butler. We firmly believe that the sale of a business is the culmination of a business owner’s hard work and it is our creed that each business sale be its own success story. To better understand how we make this happen, let’s take a moment to understand the benefits of hiring a business broker. 


Business brokers, helping you sell your Business

Business brokers came into being to help fill the gap between a business owner’s ability, knowledge and time available to sell their business on their own, and the desire of potential buyers to find quality businesses that fit their requirements and generate favorable, long-term ROI. The reasons to engage a business broker are, therefore, wide and numerous, and include:

  • Valuation expertise: Familiarity with the market, access to sales statistics and first hand knowledge in applying valuation methodologies allow business brokers to help sellers calculate the most probable selling price that fairly compensates exiting owners while still being attractive to investors.

  • Negotiations: In light of the above, brokers are uniquely positioned to negotiate equitable sales transactions, to the satisfaction of all parties.

  • Confidentiality: Brokers have mechanisms in place to ensure that sales transactions are exposed only to qualified prospective buyers, avoiding the potential pitfalls of the sale becoming known to staff, customers, or suppliers. These mechanisms also safeguard sensitive information, that need only be disclosed to serious parties as part of due diligence.

  • Marketing: As a broker’s interests should be aligned with those of business owners, brokers usually have a well established marketing machine to market the businesses they represent, including Internet and print ads, email marketing and a database of potential buyers.

  • Legal: Business brokers, by merit of their training, certification and experience, should be versed in the legislation and documentation needed to protect the parties, guard against delays and avoid the legal failure of a transaction.