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The Best Possible Option for selling your business

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Turner Butler - The Best Possible Option


While business brokers purportedly offer the aforementioned benefits, the fact is that the quality of service amongst brokers varies greatly. With Turner Butler you have the peace of mind that you are in expert hands that will provide these benefits and achieve optimal outcomes. Of course, this statement is grounded in facts, including:

  • Rupert Cattell, Turner Butler’s managing director, sold his first business in 1981 and has gone on to broker the sale of more than 3,000 businesses

  • The firm maintains an extensive knowledge base of deals and the market in general, giving us the singular ability to understand which businesses are in demand and at what pricing levels.

  • We have built and continually maintain a database of potential buyers actively looking for businesses in various sectors and within different price ranges.

  • We are a full service business broker, offering (amongst others):

  • A free Turner Butler review of your business;

  • Personal corporate finance advisers;

  • Sales memorandum preparation;

  • Lists of potential buyers for pre-approval;

  • Wise counsel and professional assistance throughout the entire sale process.


As a show of confidence in our ability to guide you to a successful sale of your business, we back our service with a “No Sale – No Fee” policy. Your choice is, therefore, straightforward – contact us now at Turner Butler and we’ll get the ball rolling towards a successful sale right away.