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Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses Successfully Sold by Turner Butler

Published on : 22-01-2020 | Sector : Manufacturing and Engineering

More than any other types of business transfer in the UK, sales of manufacturing and engineering businesses need to be, well, thoughtfully engineered, in the sense that each of the very many details of such transactions, including finding a suitable buyer, must be carefully and correctly accounted for to reach a successful closing. Having advised on hundreds of successful manufacturing / engineering business sales over 3 decades, coupled with owning the country’s largest database of validated buyers, make Turner Butler the most qualified business broker in the UK to handle the sale of such businesses.



Recent Manufacturing and Engineering Businesses Sold by Turner Butler


  • Snap Display Systems – Maker of panels, exhibition boards and accessories
  • Radiovisor Limited t/a Lazer Systems – Designer and manufacturer of infrared perimeter security products
  • Wren lndustrial and Marine Limited – Manufacturer of doors, windows and hatches for ships and boats
  • Pulse Engineering – High accuracy, precision CNC machining of complex parts
  • Denny Engineering – Precision-engineered components, manufacture and refurbishment of mold, die and press tooling



Engineering and Manufacturing Businesses Sold by Turner Butler, click on the link to view our testimonials from happy customers.



Generally speaking, manufacturing businesses are usually larger, more capital intensive entities that simultaneously bear greater risks (in terms of absolute value) while offering greater stability in face of variable economic conditions. It follows suit that selling such businesses id more involved, including both physical and human assets and requiring consideration of a plethora of parameters beyond expected cash flow. Engineering businesses that produce the products they design are, in essence, custom manufacturing companies, and their sale is similarly complex.


Here are but a few of the special facets of manufacturing businesses that need to be addressed upon their sale:


  • Raw materials supply and inventory
  • Work-in-progress and finished goods inventory
  • Distribution, within the UK and internationally
  • Specially trained employees that need to be retained to ensure a smooth transition and continued operations. Especially noteworthy here are plant managers that are, quite often, other than the owners.
  • Manufacturing processes and specialty software, such as ERP systems.
  • The condition of fixed assets and their market and book values.


The full list of variables continues on and on, and with so many “moving parts”, high quality professional assistance with such business sales is a necessity, with an emphasis on “high quality”. Moreover, buyers of such businesses are commonly aware of these intricacies and will demand discounts to the sale price for anything missed by the owner / broker. There are very few business transfer agents in the UK with the required know-how and experience in selling manufacturing businesses. Turner Butler is at the top of this list.



Turner Butler, Covering All the Angles


“We have seen it all” – Any broker that makes such a statement should by shied away from, especially in the case of manufacturing businesses. At Turner Butler, we understand that each manufacturing business sale is unique, and we know that we haven’t “seen it all”. However, much like a first class doctor who has successfully cared for so many patients that they develop a “sixth sense”, so to Turner Butler is proficient at analyzing each transaction and recognizing any out of the ordinary factors.


When taking on the instruction of a manufacturing business, Turner Butler facilitates the sale with many different services, including:


  • Finding the right buyer – Buyers of manufacturing businesses range from competitors or private equity groups, strategic or synergistic corporate investors to employees taking over upon the retirement of the owner. With our singular database of vetted buyers, all of whom we are closely familiar with, we are perfectly poised the find the best possible buyer for any business.


  • Helping prepare the business for sale – Perhaps more than any other type of business, manufacturing businesses need to get themselves ready for sale, to the extent that we often help such businesses do their own “self due-diligence” in anticipation of putting the business on the market.


  • Valuation – In direct continuation of our knowledge of the details of business transfer transactions, we are experts at valuing manufacturing firms. Better yet, we will value your business at no cost to you.


Tuner Butler’s assistance goes much further, ensuring an optimal transaction for all parties. For additional information, please contact us at