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Selling Online Businesses at the Pace of ECommerce

Published on : 20-01-2020 | Sector : IT & E-commerce Businesses

If you browse through the testimonials of ecommerce and online businesses sold by Turner Butler, you will find quotes such as:


“We listed this business and within 6 weeks we had signed heads of terms” (sale of Sound Solutions)


“We were happy to oblige and introduced Euro Cash to him. He loved it and a deal was sewn up within only a few weeks.” (sale of Euro Cash)


“Not only did we achieve a sale at the full asking price we did it within the timescales requested by the vendor" (sale of UK Wristband Limited)


The fast pace of today’s internet and technology economy extends into the sales of online stores and businesses as well, and owners of such sites are well aware of the need to quickly complete orderly sales of their businesses once they make the decision to sell (discussed further below). With one of the longest tenured track records of fairly priced, efficient online business transfer in the UK, owed largely to an immense pool of vetted potential buyers, Turner Butler is the broker of choice for online businesses across the nation. 



Recent Ecommerce and Online Businesses Sold by Turner Butler




Online Business Sales – Timing is (Almost) Everything


It is no secret that commercial activity across the globe is undergoing virtualization. The UK is no exception, with British consumers spending $233 billion online in 2018, up 18.2% from 2017 and accounting for over one quarter of the total UK retail market. This growth is, of course, fueled by the online stores and businesses that list and sell the goods behind the numbers.


This, in turn, has led to a proliferation of ecommerce sites selling anything and everything and a great deal of competition amongst them. Conversely, “internetification” of business has opened up new niches that didn’t exist in the pre-web world, and those who capture these niches are usually well-run, top quality operations that have mastered crafts such as SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization and Marketing), fabricating online customer experiences and Big Data analytics, to name a few.


When the proprietors of these online destinations choose to sell their sites, they also understand that a prolonged sale process could be detrimental, if not lethal, to them and their businesses for any number of reasons, such as:

  • Site rank deterioration – Even a slight decline in a site’s online marketing activities can cause it to loose it’s position in searches, resulting in less incoming traffic.
  • Reduced customer conversions – Sites need to be regularly maintained and updated with new content and inventory, lest they become clunky and uninteresting.
  • Damaged reputation – These, plus uncertainty can harm a site’s reputation, the lifeblood of online businesses.

In brief, we can safely say that the sale of an ecommerce or other online businesses hinges, to a great extent, on completing a speedy transaction.



Turner Butler – Speed without Compromise


From the statistics presented at the beginning of the prior section, you might conclude that online businesses are in high demand, and you would be absolutely right. However, this does not mean that selling such a business should, by default, be quick with little to no effort. Indeed, many brokers will have you believe that this is the case, luring you into thinking that they can sell your online business in no time at inflated prices so that you will pay them an exorbitant upfront fee. More often than not you will be disappointed, with delays or no sale at all. 


The truth of the matter is that, if not done properly and without a solid, validated buyer, many important aspects of the business sale could fall by the wayside, leading to low prices and problematic transitions. At Turner Butler we won’t try to cloud your judgement with overly optimistic statements. Quite the opposite. We will give you a realistic picture, help you prepare your business and find the perfect buyer match to continue where you will be leaving off.  Here are but a few of the things you can expect when selling your online store or business with Turner Butler:

  • Free, professional business valuations that provide optimal pricing for all parties.
  • Guidance on how to prepare your business for sale.
  • Accompanying you and the buyer throughout the entire process and into the transition.
  • Extensive buyer database – Just as sellers turn to Turner Butler for the best possible business transfer experience, so to buyers come to us knowing that we offer them the best chance for finding a business that fits their needs and plans. As a result, Turner Butler has, what is very likely, the UK’s largest and highest quality database of potential business buyers.  


Simply put, if you’re looking to buy or sell an online business, you’ve come to the right place.